Lourdes and I have such a passion for houseplants. We have a room in our house with "magic windows" that we have stuffed with plants. We call it our garden room.

I particularly love begonias. You can see from my pictures I have a nice collection. I have recently been trying to propagate them with varying degrees of success. Mostly I root them in water and plant them, but I have started tying to propagate leaf and stem cuttings as well, Fingers crossed! You can see in the pictures some leaf cuttings, and a cutting I rooted in water of my Watermelon Peperomide as well.

My new pride and joy is my Pilea Peperomide. Perhaps you can find it in the pictures. I crush on my Mariomo moss balls as well. It must be said however I love all my plant babies!

Manducatis Rustica

We started to do weekly flowers for a local restaurant in LIC. We love the place and eat there all the time, so it's fun to help them decorate the space. We don't have any other weekly accounts, it's never been something we have pursued - but would love to do more. We like to work in the same space and when you work with people that are comfortable with you have the opportunity to be playful and experiment a bit.